Wednesday, January 19, 2011

birthday ng PRINSESA ko :)

first bday cake ni SHOPIE from ME :))
me. shopie and kuya boogie :))

happy birthday my dear baby :)
with rajhaboy :)
grabe. super bilis ng panahon. 1 year old na si SHOPIE ko. I'm so happy kase kahit papano i have time na ma.celebrate yun 1st bday nya. I can't explain the feeling. Hinde ku man fully masabi na ako yung nagpalaki sa kanya kase most of the time I'm away kase because of school pero I'm proud to say na hinde ako ngkulang sa LOVE na binibigay ku sakanya and sa kapatid nya. They are my LIFE.

gamit nya yun MOON WALK. a gift from mama :)
I have nothing to say. I just want to tell the WHOLE WIDE WORLD how BLESSED i am and how THANKFUL i am the GOD gave her to me. She is really a BLESSING :) 



  1. you have the most adorable little ones! i have two kids also, a boy and a girl. i think you're a lot younger than me though.... :) great blog, and enjoyed your photos. nice to meet other mom bloggers. :) following you via google and twitter... hope we can stay connected. :)

    have a great wk!

    jasmine :)

  2. Hey sis. super late reply. i was really inactive for a long time :) thanks for the kind words :) what's your name in twitter sis? so that i can communicate with you :))