Wednesday, February 9, 2011

i love you kuya boogie :)

A day that i will always remember.

I really thank god for giving me a sweet and thoughtful JAYMARC in my life. 

Our bonding today was really unexpected. Thanks to mommy. He brought bogs to me. Maybe she knows how homesick i am. ( i love you for that mom :) )

First,we went to manila doctors because i have an appointment to my doctor due to my migraine and then we went home to change clothes. I need to change much comfortable clothes when I'm with bogs because he is so fond of running and roaming around the mall. and after that, we went straight to sm to buy him a new shoes. The last time that i was doing some shopping time for myself, i bought bogs a pair of sanuk but too bad he didn't like the design and the fitting. (HUHU :l) 

After the tiring shoes hunting. We ate at Jollibee because he was craving for the 39ers meal which i forgot the name. sorry. 

When i'm with my bogs, there was no dull moments even though he is so HYPER and so full of energy. I am really not minding it because i was really enjoying and making the most out of our time together.

i really don't want to end this day but hello REALITY again. In a few hours time, i will bring him in his school in cavite and me, will be back in my humble home and school in manila :( 

If only i can make CAVITE and MANILA a 15 minutes drive so i can see him and shopie everyday.

but anyway. thankies BRO for making this 10th of February so memorable. i love you and kuya boogie so much :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


why do people are so INSENSITIVE? 

hinde ko alam kung baket may mga taong walang pakialam sa magiging outcome ng mga ginagawa nila. amp! 

i really tried to forget all the things that you did to me. pero SHIT sa dameng yon ang hirap pa lang kalimutan. pede ko palang gawing MOTTO yung i can always forgive but i can never really forget. aww :(

reality bites sucks. 

it was you who made me a FAKE STRONGER WOMAN. 
it was you who made me an EVIL THINKER. 
it was you who made my HEART so fuckin' wasted.

i hate you BIGTIME :|