Friday, August 3, 2012


Late post again. Back logs and I'm sorry.

March 31, 2012. It was not an ordinary day as you all know and it's because of my previous post. You can view it from HERE

I am so excited when PAPS (it's marco's daddy) told us after BOGS moving up ceremony that we'll be going out for a dinner.yiie! We haven't done that for a long time after mama went back from Italy. 

6pm. Paps, Tipi and Pam fetched us at our house and went to Gerry's Tagaytay :)

Tipi.Marco.Me and Shopie :D

Paps,thaks for the food :)

Shopie with her suplada look for tito pam.HAHA :)

I really enjoyed the night. UNLIMITED chika,food and love :) Thank you paps for the foodies :))

much love, LHAIRA


Ohh! and I am such a bad bad blogger. This post is so so late but i can't help to share this with you guys :)

March 31,2012. It's my sons' MOVING UP CEREMONY. I was the most excited one to attend this special event because I know that I'll be getting up on stage because one of the top students of KINDER is my baby :) 

We went to the said venue not knowing the real achievements of BOGS (that's the name of my son) because it was a tradition of their school to reveal the honors and awards at the day itself, so all of the parents we're very nervous.



When my son went up on stage to light his candle and sing a song, I can't help but cry and when you ask me why? I really don't know the answer or maybe I was just so overwhelmed about the feeling that in my 22 years of existence, I'm now sending a 5year old kid at school and this day was his moving up ceremony. How time flies so fast?Isn't it? :)

His ever supporive baby sister. SHOPIE :)

After the lighting ceremony, the awarding of honors are next and I was like "Oh my god daddy, Oh my god. ano kayang award ni bogs?" and mind you, I was asking MARCO, the same question every time a name of an achiever was called.haha 

And BOGS' moment has just arrived. and his awards are: (Ohh yess, It's are because TANTANANAN) 

Let the pictures do the talking :)

If only I could show you his grades, I will but too bad I forgot to take a picture of it but I'm telling you my baby is a straight A student. He never gets an 89 on his subject. I am a one proud momma :)) 


My unico hijo and hija :) 
Being a parent and a student was not very easy for me. I really had a hard time adjusting my schedule because I'm a graduating student but in special events like this, I can sacrifice a day at school just to witness not just physically but emotionally this kind of event in my sons' life :)

And to my dear kuya BOGS, you really made MOMMY and DADDY so proud. No one can ever replace the happiness that we felt every time we went up to stage and get your medals. I even remember what Ma'am Reyes said to me and to the other guest that "Mommy,your child will be one of the most outstanding student in the making.Be Proud mommy" ohh yes. BEAT THAT. Those words are like music in my ears because bogs' school was a no ordinary school, they have high standards and they are very advance when it comes to academics. 

So KUYA BOGS, all the efforts that you made just paid off and it was more than what we expected. I LOVE YOU BABY and KEEP UP the GOOD WORK :)

much love, LHAIRA