Friday, November 26, 2010

my prince and my princess :)

My first post should be very memorable for me and should be poured with so much love. so i decided to dedicate this to my dearest kiddos who changed my life. who gives colors to my black and white world. and gives me the super strength to just go on with the flow of life.


0 months. cute :))

when i gave birth to my first blessing from god. every tears that ran down on my face and every pain that i felt was all gone. the TEARS and PAIN turned into UNLIMITED LAUGHTER and SMILE. 

his first BIGGEST SMILE. grabe! gwapiitooo :)
the feeling was so extraordinary, terrific, amazing, bizarre, incredible (kulang pa yang mga words na yan) when i first saw his face. grabe! no words can express how thankful i am that this boy came in my life even if its so unexpected. kahit na ang kapalit nun is a bigger responsibility and my cool college life. ok lang.

my ugly days with BOGS :)) (buti nln my braces na naimbento.HAHA)

syempre. being a mom is a one tough job. and it's really a no no joke. every woman or a mother-to-be should really take it seriously but i promise you, all the hardships will be taken away with just a great smile from your baby :)
look at me. HAHA mejo payats pako. with my little boy sa starcity
one of the cutest pic ni bogs ko :)
with his walker. (ako yun nasa likod nya. baket ang payat ko pa nun.HAHA)
with his daddy mico :)
 *over flooding pictures. i can't help it. i want to share his happy moments:))*

cute. cute. cute :))

with the first few pictures. BOOGIE (nyaha. that's what i call him.) is just a  cute little baby.

and now. my little boy is now 4 years old.

time really goes by so fast. the kid i used to carry with my two big arms is now a pre-school student na may girlfriend (HAHA. yeah mi gf na sya. at marunong na sya mag selos. grabe!) 

2 years old.

2 years old lan sya when we enrolled him at the nearby day care center in our apartment in manila. he was the saling kitkit that time. he enjoyed every single day of his schooling and that was according to his yaya linda.

with his coat and tie. gwapo db? :))

The outfit that he is wearing was for the school's united nation. they had a short parade within our vicinity.  he is such an adorable boy :)

first graduation :)

first graduation of my boy. syempre I'm a one proud MOMMY. and guess what kung anong nakuha nyang award. HAHA nakakatawa talaga. "MOST GOOD LOOKING award" oh diba? kahit ganun lang award nya. im so proud of my baby boy. he looks good with his mayor atienza inspired baby gap polo (that's from mama deck.)

after that, we transferred him to a bigger school.

St.Vincent Blessed School of Manila.

with his uniform :))  

while bogs is studying at st. vincent. i was 2 mos. pregnant but im still going to school for our 1st term. bogs at first is not really enjoying his school because he is so lazy to wake up early. he is afraid of cold water (like me.haha). but as days goes by when he started to have friends. it changed.

1st field trip :)
happy. happy. happy. kita naman sa smile namen right :))

2nd graduation nya pero ngayon mi TOGA na. yey! gwapo much :))
grabe. so pogiiii :)) im a proud mommy. love you kuya.

but the journey of my baby boy is not yet done. because his yaya for almost 4 years resigned and we can't find any replacement yet. we decided to transfer him to another school but now in cavite.


his uniform :)
his school was very memorable to me because that's also my former school. kaya i know, bogs will be in good hands.

p.e uniform :))

and in CRMI is where he met his ultimate crush/girlfriend na daw nya. JHANA.

picture.picture (si bogs.naTORPE. si jhana yun nasa pinakaright :) ) 
makulit ang bogs ko. gusto nya ng madameng toys. ang YES he's a spoiled brat. and that's because of my dad. pero ok lang. dad is happy naman when bogs is happy :))

but beware of my grown up boy because he is the . . . .

that's why i love you kuya baby boogie ko.
you can watch his makulit video with me here with this link :


my lovely princess. priceless beauty.

newborn :)
i was really a fortunate woman in the whole wide world because after 3 years. god gave me a beautiful bouncing girl. the beautiful barbie of my life.

1st carry :)
 actually, i was not the one who first carry my little girl neither my mother or her father but its my bestfriend CHIRADEE GUEVARRA (nako. mas excited pa yata sya kesa saken na manganak.HAHA)

LOOK oh.
parang mommy sya. HAHAHA
with his ate shine. ate rain and kuya bogs :)

thanksgiving of mikka at our church :)

favorite ninangs :)

on the first three months of my princess' life. it's not really an easy one. she got hospitalized for a week. 3 days. etc. because she's suffering form DOB or Difficulty of breathing but according to her cardio-pedia. normal naman daw yun heart nya(THANK GOD! :)) ) sa case ni baby, nagpipigil lan daw sya huminga for a while kaya she's turning purple or grayish sometimes.

mikka at UDMC hospital. mi pulse oximeter sya :/

good thing. mikka stopped her habit of nagpipigil ang hininga. so happy na kame lahat :) i dont want us to stay in the hospital for weeks. torture yon para kay baby and syempre para din samen.

super friends. lageng anjan for us :)  

with his look alike. tito ryan :)
with his kuya bogs :)

kuya bogs loves his baby sister so much. he kisses her every minute, every second of his life. grabe! super lamas ang cheeks ni mikka at ang lips dahil sa pangungulit ng kuya nya :)

super cute :)
 this shots were taken by her tito ryan. super pretty ni mikka right?

kunot much :)
 she got that KUNOT attitude from his daddy. super magkamuka ba sila? db hinde. HAHA kame ang magkamuka ee.
mommy.daddy.mikka :)  
this was our first picture together.HAHAHA (yata. i can't remember)

mikka with her walker :)   

mikka's first time with her walker. 5months pa lang sya in this picture. mommy was so excited kase na bumili ng walker. hahaha

cerelac baby :)

it was mikka's first time to eat cerelac. and it was a laughtrip night. kase mikka cried a lot kase pag nakakalimutan ku syang bigayn ng cerelac. HAHA

look at this ohh.

koyot :)))) 

happy six months :)
with her kuya. cutest pic ever (for me aa.HAHA)  
mikka is a lovely girl. right now, she's 10 months old. and yes she's so makulit na. she loves to play ELENG ELENG si shopie. INDIAN sound, high five ad i have to hands. you can check her video. just click this :

for my one and only princess. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

i hope someday, you and kuya bogs will read my blog so you can really feel how BLESSED i am to have you in my life.

i am a spoiled brat (right daddy?). i enjoyed every single moment that i can with my barkadas when i'm not busy at school but i can tell to myself and to everybody that i may not be the perfect mom for my little kiddos  because i am not really present at all times  in their special moments but i can surely assure you. that the both of them received enough love. ohh not really enough love but SUPER UNLIMITED LOVE from me.

and nobody can replace them in my heart.

ang lage ku ngang sinasabe. "mawala na ang lahat sa akin. wag lang sila."

i really really love you both BOOGIE en SHOPIE :)