Monday, May 16, 2011


It was 13th of May when my tears begun to fall down again. I know it's not really new from me because I'm such a cry baby but this time i cried because i was so amazed by you.

You always told me that you have changed for the betterment of our relationship and i have no argues with that.i see it.i feel it.but i t was now that i have realized that you're such a wonderful person. You may not be perfect but you're a great dad to our kids, a loving hubby to me and a very very understanding kuya and son to your family.

The way i see as a person right now can never be erased by anyone or everyone even by your haters. I saw the good inside your heart. Others may see you as the most mayabang person which is so true. HAHA but in a good way. joking aside but in reality, in our world. You will be the BEST PERSON i have ever met. 

Don;t worry. I know time will come, we just need to wait and work hard for it. We will have a great future without anyone stepping on us.

i love you munchie :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Collective :)

Last night, i went to the collective with my super gals. I've been wanting to go there for so long and thank god it's tinay's birthday, so I made them kulit for us to try there. 

I'm happy they're not disappointed about the place. Although, it's very hot. and tina is wearing long sleeves. 

tina, arra, me and xelyn :)

the painting on the walls is so amazing :)

me and arra :)

off beat burger :) a must try.

the birthday girl :)

ayieee :)

i just love the name of the store. so me :)

i miss you bigtime bhezzy :)
We also saw Mayor Jun Jun Binay at the wingman. He was sitting right next to us and we were so crazy on laughing and goofing around. so nakakahiya. haha. and when we went outside, diether ocampo was dropped by in front of us. We were so kiling. He really is a good looking guy. aww. 

For the record, i really had fun buddies. til our next expedition.HAHA iloveyou.

have a greatweekend guys :)