Monday, May 16, 2011


It was 13th of May when my tears begun to fall down again. I know it's not really new from me because I'm such a cry baby but this time i cried because i was so amazed by you.

You always told me that you have changed for the betterment of our relationship and i have no argues with that.i see it.i feel it.but i t was now that i have realized that you're such a wonderful person. You may not be perfect but you're a great dad to our kids, a loving hubby to me and a very very understanding kuya and son to your family.

The way i see as a person right now can never be erased by anyone or everyone even by your haters. I saw the good inside your heart. Others may see you as the most mayabang person which is so true. HAHA but in a good way. joking aside but in reality, in our world. You will be the BEST PERSON i have ever met. 

Don;t worry. I know time will come, we just need to wait and work hard for it. We will have a great future without anyone stepping on us.

i love you munchie :)

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