Thursday, April 14, 2011

it's my birthday but my blog is for you :)

It's been a month since we started to have that "WE" thing again and i know that not everybody knows what's the real score between us. That's why i have decided to make this blog to make it up to you :)

You are one of the best gifts i have ever received in my entire life :)

I know we really don't have the perfect relationship a man and a woman dreams of but we are unique in different ways. That's why i don't have the guts to throw all the things,thoughts and memories that we've shared. I've been celebrating my birthday with you for 6 years now and on my special day, you always surprise me. Even though there's no gift, flowers or anything. Just a simple plain conversation before my day starts completes me and added to it, there's a two beautiful angels joining us. 

Sometimes, I maybe so demanding (yah.i admit it) but I hope you understand that all i want is your whole attention because most of the time I'm too far away from you. 

I love you from the very start you stare at me. It was June of 2005. Your the first person, I've been very comfortable to stay with 24/7. There were good and bad vibes back then but I know in my heart that we will be together for the rest of our lives :)

happy birthday to me and i love you very MUNCHIE :)

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